Your dog is what you choose.
Rice bran enzyme therapy.

Rice bran enzyme therapy

Just Lie Down 50 Minutes With Your Dog Surrounded
By Astronomical Amounts Of Microorganism
In Air Conditioning Room.
Your Dog Become More Beautiful Skin & Healthy
With Rice Bran Enzyme Therapy.
Works For Allergies, Adipose Tumor, Kidney Disease,
Keep Disease Away, Especially Skin Disease.


Some example big impressions of dog-owners
* There are individual differences in the effect, but there is some effect on most diseases

Blew away food allergies in 40 minutes.

One year-old Shiba dog who lost his energy and was diagnosed with a food allergy.
Went 40 minutes in an enzyme bath her after she went out to the garden suddenly
a vertical jump.
Charged with energy and she runs at full speed. Enzyme bath continued at home.
The following is from owner: Back when my beloved dog Maka lost his appetite, his fur had lost its luster, and he seemed to have lost his energy, and I was worried. But I don’t know how to do it… At times like that, this enzyme bed saved me. After several weeks of sleeping every day, I regained the will to live as if I had been reborn. Pets can’t speak words, so they can’t sue them. So I habitually put him to sleep in this enzyme bath to keep him in a healthy state full of energy. At first I was a little scared, but now I feel comfortable sleeping on the enzyme. And not only maca but also my daughter and I sit on enzymes to warm up our
bodies and boost our immunity.
It is exactly the power spot of our house!

Dementia and kidney disease recovered in 2 hours!

14-years-old poodle who often lay down due to dementia. Due to renal disease, subcutaneous infusion was repeated.
After taking a 2-hour nap in the enzyme bath, it has the astounding effect of running and jumping up and down waiting for its owner to return to home.

In less than a month, The lipoma become smaller

A miniature schnauzer and poodle (14 years old) , He suffered from cardiac membrane disease, gallbladder cholestasis, and lipoma associated with dyslipidemia. He also had anorexia and vomiting, but the enzyme bath reduced the lipoma within a month, and he was able to run for an hour at the dog run.
The following is from owner: Dopie is a miniature schnauzer/poodle mix. He is suffering from valvular heart disease, gallbladder cholestasis, and lipoma associated with dyslipidemia.
He likes playing in the pool very much, but he has stopped playing for a long time because it puts a strain on his heart. Medications also put a strain on the liver, causing loss of appetite and vomiting. He did an enzyme bath for 1 hour on the enzyme, and 2 hours at the longest. Within a month, the lipoma became softer and smaller. After coming to Bangkok, his skin started to itch again, but when he applied the enzyme pack, the itchiness subsided, and now his skin is not rough and hair is clean.
For his heart and liver, I was asked to make a set that allows him to take enzyme baths at home, and Hecontinued to take enzyme baths at home as well. Routine heart checkup showed no deterioration. Dopie is so energetic that he doesn’t think he has a heart problem, and runs around the dog run for nearly an hour. He is so energetic that I’m always told that he doesn’t look 14 years old. The other day, He was able to get permission to reopen his favorite pool.

A crossbreed got back coat in just 4 week

Skin diseases. No hair all over body for 10 years due to scratching, owner sent skin and blood samples to an American laboratory, but the cause could not be determined, owner tried continuously application of the enzyme to the skin,
hair grew all over the body within a month.
The following is from owner : I heard about pet enzyme treatment and tried it. First, when I started applying the enzyme pack to the affected area, the bright red area turned into a normal white skin the next day. It has an immediate effect on inflammation. The itchiness didn’t go away easily, but when I patiently applied the enzyme pack, thin hair began to grow where the hair had fallen out in about a month. After one month of continuing, the amount of hair has recovered, so I finished the prescription for the time being. After that, when I looked at the situation, there was no inflammation and the coat became glossy in 10 days. It’s a hybrid, but it’s like a Labrador dog (laughs). it was good! I am grateful. Seeing the dog’s painful expression is the best way to respond. I’m sorry, I wrote it for a long time, but what I want to say is that enzyme therapy is highly praised. We were grateful that we were able to treat the dog’s body with little burden (?). If you have a dog with the same symptoms, I would definitely recommend it. The picture is today’s dumb child. My hair has completely healed.

What is
“rice bran enzyme therapy”?

Breeding heat of microorganisms that emits heat of nearly 60°C by fermentation warms the owner and pet from the core of the body and improves the constitution from the root. Especially the effects on small pets are astonishing.

This is Kennel superior

Service Enzyme bath superior

Open / 10:00 – 17:00 (Last)
Close / Sunday and holiday

By booking only

Usage time 50 min.
The price [include VAT]

800-1,000B/time (400-600B for 1st trial, Large dog 600B)

4 times 3,000B  (Large dog +150/time)

8 times 5,600B  (Large dog +150/time)
12 times 7,800B  (Large dog +150/time)

Max 2 animal additional payment+100B

Please prepare towel, sheet, or blanket wider than 1.5m by yourself for you and your pet favorite on enzyme bed sheet.
It is required to prepare paper diaper, if you don’t have it, we have.
If you don’t wear a diaper and your pet make pee on our enzyme , we replace the rice bran enzyme in the surrounding area. Please help us with 1,000 baht.

Enzyme bath for Pet in Japan

There are few facilities of enzyme baths for pets in Japan. Especially in the same group as us (Takeuchi method and his ingredients), the effect is tremendous. Such as ● Scratching and bald skin due to skin disease is improved, and the fur is revived. ● Ascitic fluid is reduced by 800g in one enzyme bath, and the stomach becomes flat. ● Large tumors disappear ● Cardiac enlargement from valvular disease Severely slow-moving dog jumps up and down to remind you to go for a walk ●My dog, who was told not to live long and was advised to be euthanized, lives a year in good health ●There is a tumor next to his heart. Enzyme bath for fading with age. The dog’s body temperature rises and he’s doing well. He finds a tumor about 3 cm at the base of his left front leg, a shadow on his spleen, and white clouds in his lungs. Improvement ●After 1 month of life expectancy due to lung cancer, after taking an enzyme bath twice at the hospital, the white shadow of pneumonia disappears and the cough stops Numerous other symptoms have improved


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