Dogs Skin Diseases
Choose Rice Bran Enzyme Therapy

Dog bath powder which made from rice bran enzymes, rich in microorganisms to moisturize the skin, reduces itching and decomposed bacteria that cause body odor.

The story of rice bran enzyme

An alternative treatment of rice bran fermentation and embedding in rice bran heated to 60 °C has been practiced since ancient times in Japan. Master Tadashi Takeuchi, founder and operator of “Nuka Tengoku Enzyme Bath” by lying embedded in rice bran at Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture. Since the 1980s, he has been developing and dedicated to microbial research. And since then, it has contributed to the improvement of the health of many people. In 2016, he received a patent for “Rice Bran Enzyme Bath” issued by Japan. (Patent No. 5966138) Currently, Master Tadashi Takeuchi has more than 20 affiliated members in Japan.

Rice bran enzyme therapy is not only a healthy alternative that has improved the health of many human, but also passed on to pets. There are many Japanese people use rice bran enzymes therapy to help their dog’s health with satisfactory results. There has been a lot about caring for dogs such as red itchy, scratchy skin, skin odor, patches of hair loss, new hair, etc.

Data and Communication Express Co., Ltd. started produce the rice bran enzyme in Thailand in 2015 under the technique and permission from Master Tadashi Takeuchi as the sole distributor in Southeast Asia. The source of production is in Chiang Rai province where Japanese rice is grown in Thailand. Japanese rice bran harvested in Thailand and molasses and all materials are supported from Thai farmers in sending their products to us to produce rice bran enzyme and pass on to the rice bran enzyme customer.

KOMENUKA Koso Powder

100% fermented rice bran (using Japanese rice bran harvested in Thailand
and molasses by fermentation until the temperature is 60 °C)
Gentle natural fragrance
Dark brown powder and rich in natural microorganisms
Moisturize skin, reduce itching, balancing the sebum not too oily or dry
Decompose bacteria that cause body odor with the process of natural microorganisms

Why bath with KOMENUKA Koso Powder?

Dog’s skin is protected by a thin film of fat (sebum), which is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands and excreted into the skin to provide natural moisture and help coat the skin from dehydration. Keep skin and hair moisturized and shiny. The imbalance of sebum will make the skin dry, itchy and easily dehydrated. It also causes a foul body odor when bacteria adhere to it.
For Thailand that is hot and humid because it is located in the equatorial region which contributes to oily skin easily causing many dogs to have skin diseases that cannot be cured and must be treated continuously from itching, redness, inflammation, patches of hair loss and inability to grow hair.

KOMENUKA Koso Powder is an alternative way to bath your dog. Rice Bran Enzyme Powder is rich in 100% natural microorganisms with said to be up to 10 billion microorganisms per gram too balance the sebum not too oily or dry with natural methods and improve body odor by decomposing bacteria that adhere to the skin.

Excellent features of KOMENUKA Koso Powder

Do not rinse Wipe off and Blow dry.
Stop wasting time bathing and very suitable for older dogs
No chemical residue on the skin and dog can lick safely.
Decompose bacteria that cause body odor
Reduce the patchy hair loss and make new hair grow.
Rich in 100% natural microorganisms
Natural fragrance
Easy to use, 1 pack / 1-2 weeks

How to use and store KOMENUKA Koso Powder

1. Take a bath
Prepare warm water in a large container that can go inside. (If not, you can pour)  and use 1 pack to soak in to activate the enzyme activity / wait until the enzyme water is dark brown, then take a bath and rub the enzyme pack for about 3 -5 minutes / no need to rinse, wipe all over and blow dry. Use regularly 1 pack / 1-2 weeks.

2. compress the skin
Use 1 pack to compress the affected skin by hand or wrapping with cloth for 6 – 8 hours (divided into 20-30 minutes/time) continuously for 2-3 days or until better.

3. Paste it on the skin
Cut the package to take enzyme out then mix it with water. Paste it on the affected skin 2-3 day continuously or until better.

4. Should be stored in a well-ventilated place. If it hasn’t been opened, it can be stored for up to 1 year.

Selling price (includes VAT)
Retail price (not including shipping)

40 baht/ 1 pack (30g.)
150 baht/ 4 packs (for 1 month use)
420 baht/ 12 packs (for 3-6 months use)

Special wholesale prices for business owners
(not including shipping)

800 baht/kg
To reduce costs for pet business (dog farm/ dog training / dog cafe, etc.)
To produce own brand

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